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12/18/2023IA-2024-002Paterson and Paterson Firefighters Assn

Jospeh, L
05/16/2022IA-2022-008Passaic Cty and PBA Loc 265

Kronick, B
04/27/2021IA-2021-004Passaic Cty Sheriff and PBA Loc 286

Winters, M
12/21/2020IA-2021-005Passaic Cty Sheriff and PBA Loc 197

Cure, I
12/21/2020IA-2021-002Passaic Cty Sheriff and PBA Loc 197A (Superiors)

Cure, I
04/12/2011IA-2011-045Bloomingdale Boro and PBA Loc 354

Mastriani, J
08/31/2009IA-2007-115Passaic Cty Sheriff's Office and PBA Loc 197; PBA Loc 197 (Superiors); PBA Loc 286; PBA Loc 286 (SOA)

Light, RSee Award History
07/23/2009IA-2008-040Paterson and Paterson Firefighters Assn

Scheinman, M
07/08/2009IA-2009-007Paterson and Paterson Deputy Fire Chiefs Assn

Pierson, J
07/08/2009IA-2009-006Paterson and Paterson Battalion Chiefs Assn

Pierson, J
07/08/2009IA-2008-057Paterson and Paterson Fire Offrs Assn

Pierson, J
12/28/2007IA-2007-055Pompton Lakes Boro and PBA Loc 161

Mason, F
01/02/2007IA-2005-082Ringwood Boro and PBA Loc 247

Weisblatt, J
05/26/2006IA-2004-111Paterson and Paterson PBA Loc 1 SOA

Mastriani, JSee Award History
05/26/2006IA-2004-110Paterson and Paterson PBA Loc 1

Mastriani, JSee Award History
07/19/2004IA-2001-048Clifton and PBA Loc 36

Mastriani, J
02/10/2004IA-2002-027Passaic and Passaic Firefighters Assn

Mastriani, J
09/03/2002IA-2002-037Bloomingdale Boro and PBA Loc 354

Mason, F
09/05/2001IA-99-069Clifton and FMBA Loc 21

Glasson, RSee Award History
04/27/2000IA-99-076Passaic and PBA Loc 14

Weisblatt, J
02/18/2000IA-99-008Borough of Ramsey and PBA Loc 155

Mastriani, J
11/03/1997IA-95-049Passaic and PBA Loc 14

Kurtzman, C
07/31/1997IA-96-024Passaic and Passaic Fire Offrs Assn

Tener, J
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