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04/25/2023IA-2023-018Borough of Madison and FMBA Local 74

Mastriani, J
08/16/2019IA-2019-021Boonton and PBA Loc 212

Kronick, B
05/06/2015IA-2015-007Township of Rockaway and FOP Lodges 31 & 31 SOA

Cure, I
07/30/2013IA-2009-079Hanover Tp and PBA Loc 128

Mastriani, J
05/16/2013IA-2013-017Borough of Riverdale and PBA Local 335 (Morris Cty)

Osborn, S
07/23/2012IA-2009-053Washington Tp and PBA Loc 301

Mastriani, J
07/09/2012IA-2010-110Madison Boro and PBA Loc 92 SOA

Glasson, R
07/09/2012IA-2010-109Madison Boro and PBA Loc 92

Glasson, R
06/18/2012IA-2012-035Morris County Sheriff's Office and PBA Loc 298

Mason, F
05/25/2012IA-2012-032Morris Cty Prosecutor's Office and PBA Loc 327

Osborn, S
07/31/2011IA-2011-053Denville Tp and PBA Loc 142

Pierson, J
07/29/2011IA-2011-056Mountain Lakes Boro and PBA Local 310

Gifford, R
12/28/2010IA-2009-056Boonton and PBA Loc 212

Glasson, R
10/05/2009IA-2007-084Morris Cty and PBA Loc 298

Mastriani, J
10/20/2008IA-2007-019Morris Cty Sheriff's Office and PBA Loc 151

Hundley, T
03/19/2007IA-2006-030Denville Tp and PBA Loc 142

Restaino, G
11/17/2005IA-2004-081Hanover Tp and PBA Loc 128

Glasson, R
02/04/2004IA-2002-053Kinnelon Boro and PBA Loc 341

Edelman, H
02/24/2003IA-2002-033Pequannock Tp and PBA Local 172

Mason, F
03/04/2002IA-2000-091Chester Boro and Chester Boro Police Offrs Assn

Mastriani, J
07/31/2000IA-98-097Butler Boro and PBA Loc 198

Mason, F
02/01/2000IA-99-097Morris Cty Sheriff's Office and PBA Loc 298

Glasson, R
05/11/1998IA-97-046Madison Boro and PBA Loc 92

Weisblatt, J
11/05/1997IA-97-018Morris Cty Prosecutor's Office and PBA Loc 327

Tener, J
07/18/1996IA-95-137Morris Plains Boro and PBA Loc 254

Pierson, J
04/19/1996IA-95-079Randolph Tp and FOP Lodge 25 SOA

Light, RSee Award History
04/19/1996IA-95-073Randolph Tp and FOP Lodge 25

Light, RSee Award History
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