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11/03/2016IA-2017-002Hopewell Tp and PBA Loc 342

Osborn, S
11/02/2016IA-2017-001Hopewell Tp and Hopewell Tp Police SOA

Osborn, S
02/01/2016IA-2016-007NJ/State Police and State Troopers NCO Assn

Cure, I
02/01/2016IA-2016-003NJ/State Police and State Troopers Frat Assn

Cure, I
08/10/2015IA-2014-079Mercer Cty Prosecutor and PBA Loc 339

Gifford, R
06/23/2015IA-2015-003NJ/State and FOP Lodge 91

Osborn, S
01/28/2014IA-2014-003NJ/State and NJ Law Enforcement Supvs Assn

Mastriani, J
06/13/2013IA-2011-013NJ/State (Corrections) and NJLECOA

Hundley, T
04/29/2013IA-2009-060Mercer Cty and PBA Loc 187

Mastriani, J
11/23/2011IA-2011-021W Windsor Tp and PBA Loc 271 (SOA)

Restaino, G
11/23/2011IA-2011-020W Windsor Tp and PBA Loc 271

Restaino, G
09/08/2011IA-2010-069Mercer Cty Prosecutor's Office and Mercer Cty Pros Sup Offrs Unit

Weisblatt, J
09/08/2011IA-2010-070Mercer Cty Prosecutor's Office and PBA Loc 339

Weisblatt, J
12/30/2009IA-2007-016Trenton and FMBA Loc 11

Mastriani, J
07/28/2009IA-2006-071Trenton and Trenton Police SOA

Tener, J
01/09/2009IA-2007-060Trenton and PBA Loc 11

Pierson, J
12/30/2008IA-2007-080Hopewell Tp and PBA Loc 342 (SOA)

Mastriani, J
12/30/2008IA-2007-069Hopewell Tp and PBA Loc 342

Mastriani, J
01/04/2005IA-2004-001Hamilton Tp and PBA Loc 66 (Superiors)

Mastriani, JSee Award History
01/04/2005IA-2003-102Hamilton Tp and PBA Loc 66

Mastriani, JSee Award History
06/17/2004IA-2003-054W Windsor Tp and PBA Loc 271

Weisblatt, J
03/03/2003IA-2002-057Princeton Boro and PBA Loc 130 SOA

Mastriani, J
12/28/1998IA-98-001Trenton and PBA Loc 11

Scheinman, M
10/15/1997IA-96-159Lawrence Tp and PBA Loc 119

Light, R
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