Docket Number: IA-2001-046
PartiesUnion Cty and PBA Loc 199
Employer County:Union
Arbitrator:Light, R
Date Received:02/26/2003
Award Type:Conventional
Current Status:Appealed
Appellate Court:
Supreme Court:
Consolidated with Docket Number(s):
Award History
IA-2001-046 Award Affirmed with Modification per Commission Decision, PERC 2004-58 issued 03/26/2004
IA-2001-046 Award Received on 10/17/2003
IA-2001-046 Award Vacated - Remanded and new Arbitrator Directed per Commission Decision, PERC 2003-87 issued 05/30/2003
IA-2001-046 Award Received on 02/26/2003
IA-2001-046 Award Vacated and Remanded per Commission Decision, PERC-2003-033 issued 10/31/2002
IA-2001-046 Award Received on 05/16/2002