Docket Number: IA-94-059
PartiesAberdeen Tp. and PBA Loc 163
Employer County:Monmouth
Arbitrator:Tener, J
Date Received:08/05/99
Award Type:Conventional
Current Status:Award Issued
Appellate Court:286 N.J. Super. 372 (App. Div. 1996
Supreme Court:
Consolidated with Docket Number(s):
Award History
IA-94-059 Award Received on 08/05/1999
IA-94-059 Chancery Division decision Affirmed Appellate Division, 1/17/96
IA-94-059 Award Vacated and Remanded by Superior Court, Chancery Division, and Appointment to New Arbitrator Directed, 4/28/95
IA-94-059 Award Received 01/17/95