Docket Number: IA-99-069
PartiesClifton and FMBA Loc 21
Employer County:Passaic
Arbitrator:Glasson, R
Date Received:09/05/2001
Award Type:Conventional
Current Status:App. Div. Appeal Dismissed
Appellate Court:
Supreme Court:
Consolidated with Docket Number(s):
Award History
App Div Appeal Dismissed
IA-99-069 Appeal Pending App. Div.
IA-99-069 Stay of PERC 2002-56 Denied App.Div. 7/9/2002
IA-99-069 Stay of PERC 2002-56 Denied per Commission Decision PERC 2002-74 issued 5/31/2002
IA-99-069 Appeal Filed App. Div., 5/8/2002
IA-99-069 Award Affirmed with Modification per Commission Decision, PERC 2002-56 issued 03/28/2002
IA-99-069 Award Received on 09/05/2001